Our Mission

MCG is Managing Corporate Growth

We are committed to the growth and success of our clients through the provision of solutions and services that will further their development and prosperity.

MCG is Managing Community Growth

We contribute to the community through our partnerships with development projects that promote the well-being and sustainable growth of our society.

MCG is Managing Consultants’ Growth

With every job we do, the experience and professionalism of our consultants and associates grows.

Our Value

The most important things for MCG are:

  • Integrity—We respect our clients, their opinions and concerns. We are honest, and say what we mean.  We encourage open debate, and are willing to deal with mistake in a tactful way. straightforward in our   if we think someone is making a mistake, we say so, tactfully.  We deliver what we are committed.
  • Partnership—We value our clients as partners.  We are striving to understand the clients and work with them to look for better, smarter ways to work together.  Once the client chooses us, we are committed to go all the way with them to sort things out.
  • Quality—We always are seeking to do the best we can.  If our best is proven to be not outstanding, we find ways to improve.
  • Results—We are not just delivering solutions, we are committed to work with the clients to turn solutions into practical results.

Our Approach

The approach to every assignment is unique. But we have the following simple rules which make our project successful:

  • Obtain consensus and document the objective and the scope of the assignment right at the commencement of the assignment;
  • Develop a range of options, in consultation with the client, which are suitable to the clients’ needs;
  • Facilitate the client to assess options and the objectives, and make a decision on the best option;
  • Develop a realistic implementation plan and assist the client in the implementation plan; and
  • Ensure accountability for implementation that there is a structure for dealing with implementation issues as they arise.