Competency development and assessment

  • Determine the competency standards for each group of job positions as well as the entry requirements for recruiting and appointment
  • Develop recruitment tools including interview, test in terms of professional knowledge, business specialties, skills, behavior, personality and potentiality
  • Standardize recruitment steps with full application of supporting software
  • Establish the Assessment and Development Center to assess candidates’ capacities, report the results and propose selections
  • Training and guidelines for application and maintaining the system


Staff training and development

  • Develop the career path for each position and individual
  • Assess/ analyze the training needs and develop training programs based on competence standards for each job position
  • Design training programs that fit the firm’s business-specifics and differences among groups of participants
  • Coach company trainers in using modern training methods
  • Guide on the training evaluation, particularly emphasis on the application after the training program



Compensation and performance management

  • Carry out the job analysis
  • Develop a performance evaluation based on KPIs
  • Support the development of remuneration system based on 3P principle: (i) Position: salary paid for job position; (ii) Person: salary paid for personal capacity; (iii) Performance: salary paid for work results.
  • Access and reference to salary survey databases
  • Develop a comprehensive mechanism of salary and bonus
  • Support in application and communications about the new system


Work environment and culture

  • Review and diagnosis of corporate culture
  • Survey of employee satisfaction
  • Survey of leadership style
  • Assessment of work environment
  • Support in implementation of changes to improve the working environment