Business assessment, diagnosis and evaluation

  • Comprehensive review of the business environment as well as all activities on the principles of objectivity, multi-dimensionality, in consultation of comments from internal and external sources
  • Assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges that the firm is facing out (SWOT)
  • Recommendation for necessary adjustments and changes
  • Communications, motivating staff to participate in the evaluation and self-renewal process


Business reengineering

  • Develop solutions to adjust the organizational structure and the assignment of responsibilities within the organization to ensure: (i) Efficiency in coordinating and controlling workflows; (ii) Promoting competitive advantages; (iii) Compatibility with corporate culture
  • Consolidate the corporate governance with system of standardized rules and regulations
  • Optimization and systematization of business processes to ensure the effective coordination between work steps, firm’s parts and to support the implementation of Management by Process
  • Development and delivery of toolkit for monitoring and reviewing



  Business operations management system

  • Analyze the advantages and shortcomings of current regulatory mechanism with reference to legal provisions and corporate culture
  • Develop the corporate governance documentation, including statutes, regulations, procedures and forms to ensure compliance with legal requirements, professional standards and to support the effectiveness of the assignment, coordination, supervisory and evaluation within the company
  • Building the assignment and coordination matrices
  • Propose an organizational structure and personnel for management operations
  • Training and delivery of administration documents


Development of job objectives & evaluation system for organization and individuals

  • Develop measurable goals and targets for financial and non-financial aspects at 4 perspectives in the balanced scorecard (BSC)
  • Develop standards for implementation, evaluation and measurement of key performance indicators (KPIs) at each job position, parts and the entire company
  • Build a system of assessment, monitoring and feedback for the KPIs
  • Develop an evaluation system using KPIs and associate job performance with other personnel policies (e.g. wages, bonuses, training, promotion, transfer and discipline)
  • Training, delivery and communication on relating issues


Business planning

  • Comprehensive analysis on business environment, business result in past and currently.
  • Coordinate to develop mid-term and short-term objectives for each department and for Company in general to ensure Company completed short-term objectives but still support in implementing long-term objectives
  • Develop budget plan, human resource plan, revenue plan, cost, cashflow and other activities for each department of Company
  • Develop supervision mechanism, analyze performance in implementing business plan and make adjustment
  • Training, handover and support in analyzing implementation plan

Forward Business Planning


Business environment assessment

  • Evaluate development potential of market: actual, tend and forecast needs
  • Review legal frame system, administration procedures, investment environment and technology
  • Competitive analysis: scale, competency, strategy of key competitors in market
  • Diagram the industry value chain
  • Identify supply source of input critical and prepare for resources


Business strategy

  • Analyze business environment to understand opportunities and challenges
  • Review, diagnosis company to find out strengs and weaknesses, competitive advantages of company
  • Identify vision, mission and core values, business strategy and action plan for each department
  • Commnunicate, enhance the participation and supporting for strategy and open mind in changes
  • Develop and handover strategic management tools