Founded in the Netherlands in 1965, SNV has built a long-term, local presence in many of the poorest countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. SNV’s global team of local and international advisors work with local partners to equip communities, businesses and organisations with the tools, knowledge and connections they need to increase their incomes and gain access to basic services – empowering them to break the cycle of poverty and guide their own development. By sharing our specialist expertise in Agriculture, Energy and Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, SNV contributes to solving some of the leading problems facing the world today – helping to find local solutions to global challenges and sowing the seeds of lasting change.

  • Business Mapping in Thanh Hoa province (2014-2015)

    The Business Mapping Project was a new assignment to be implemented by Inclusive Business Accelerator (IBA), which is funded by Nghi Son Refinery Project (NSRP) and managed by SNV Vietnam in global partnership with BoP Innovation Centre and VC4A. The project aimed to survey and map local micro-, small- and medium- enterprises (MSME) in a district in Thanh Hoa. It would contribute information to designing proper interventions to develop local MSMEs and help link local MSMEs to opportunities provided by the economic activity generated by IBA’s client, and to other local businesses and industries.

    To fulfil the scope of work for Business Mapping Project, MCG was commissioned by the IBA to conduct this assignment. The objectives of consultant work include: (i) To evaluate investment and business environment, including business registration procedure & current status for local businesses and non- local businesses; assess local government policies in supporting for enterprises, preferential sectors/services/products in accordance to the social & economic master plan of the province; (ii) To assess business status of local and non-local businesses at the district level and the potential for value chain development (in fishing, agricultural, catering…sectors) with market-based solutions; and evaluate businesses’ capacity and interest to be included in potential value chains; and (iii) To identify other opportunities for business match-making.

  • Vietnam Inclusive Business Market Study (2010)

    Through the partnership with the ADB signed in April 2010, SNV was developing a comprehensive feasibility study for the ADB to establish a USD 100 million private equity fund in Vietnam that will targeted business ventures that will included the low-income segment within their value chain, known as Inclusive Business (IB). Within the framework of this agreement, MCG was selected as local consultant to conduct a private sector mapping for SNV in Vietnam as part of its IB engagement. MCG worked with nearly 100 leading firms in a variety of industries and sectors that work with or have the potential to work with the low income segment of society (selected from a desk study on sectors) to determine opportunities for inclusive business, critical success factors, investment opportunities and barriers.

  • Local Capacity Development Facilities Baseline Study (2009-2010)

    Following SNV’s corporate initiative to develop Local Capacity Development Facilities (LCDF) in 6 pilot countries, as part of the process of the establishment of the LCDF in Vietnam, the assessment of the current market for local capacity development services at sub national level was required to help SNV in the design and monitoring of the LCDF.  The purpose of the baseline study was to provide information against which to evaluate the short term effects and longer term impact of LCDF.

    MCG was commissioned to conduct the following tasks: (i) Designing a baseline study for the LCDF which includes development of tools and methodologies; (ii) Developing data collection techniques, formats and guidelines; (iii) Conducting the baseline study utilising the tools and methods developed; (iv) Compiling, analysing and validating the data collected for the baseline study; and (v) Producing an analytical report.

  • Market Survey and Analysis for the Tourism Value Chain of Huyen Tran Culture Centre, Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam (2009)

    Inclusive Business had been being applied by SNV Vietnam as an approach to engage low income segments into the value chain of large corporations as suppliers, distributors or consumers in a win-win situation to create economic benefits and reduce poverty. SNV assisted Huong Giang Tourist Join Stock Company to develop an inclusive business for the tourism value chain in Huyen Tran Culture Centre in Hue, Vietnam, a new historical and ecological site opened in 2007.

    SNV contracted MCG to conduct market survey and analysis for this Culture Centre in November 2008, which aims to increase profitability for the company and to improve living conditions for poor people. During the assignment, the MCG’s consultant had a meeting with Huong Giang Tourist JSC to discuss on the value chain, the business opportunities and difficulties of Huyen Tran Culture Centre in Hue, Viet Nam.

  • Private Sector Mapping (2008)

    SNV, the Netherlands Development Organisation, identified opportunities to cooperate with the private sector for improved income and employment for poor communities in Vietnam, Laos and Nepal. This project aimed to identify private enterprises that are working or have the potential to work with majority markets (profiling) and establish a database of potential firms in Vietnam.

    MCG worked closely with SNV and another local consulting firm for all the tasks assigned including i) implement a questionnaire survey for primary assessment on the interest of private sector firms (PSFs) in Vietnam including low income communities in their business, ii) survey enterprises for each sector, including: business location, alliances, final user, distribution channels, and public policy, iii) writing comparative analysis, and iv) conduct a number of interviews with short-listed firms in the three sectors of Tourism, Forestry and Small Household Cash Crops (SHCC).

  • Sapa Tourism Value Chain – Pro-poor Sustainable Tourism Value Chain Analysis in Lao Cai province, Vietnam (2008)

    The main objective of this study was to determine appropriate sustainable intervention activities for SNV, in partnership with its clients to undertake in order to contribute to long-term solutions to poverty reduction. For that purpose, the study must have firstly, understanding of the present level of involvement of the poor population of Sapa district in terms of income and employment from various sectors of the tourism industry and then, understanding of the poor’s constraints to improving their benefits from tourism. The study aims to two main objectives (i) To measure the present level of involvement in terms of income and employment of the poorer segments of Sapa population; and (ii) To provide strategic advice to SNV on where to focus its tourism interventions in Sapa, who should be its client base, and how it would be supported on sustainable manner to contribute to a long-term poverty impact.

    MCG was commissioned to conduct this study by reviewing and identifying major market actors in Sapa that cater to the tourism indutry, coordinating with AFE consultants to conduct interviews with selected market actors, and carrying in-depth analysis of the targeted value chains.

  • Market Scan Country Programme – Vietnam Market Scan and Review Mission (2004)

    SNV used to have country reviews and project evaluations being conducted. However, these exercises did not weigh the SNV country plans against the market potential in a systematic way. Demands from clients and those from donors usually were not taken into consideration in these plans. However, knowledge of the market place was essential within the new SNV concept and strategy. Within this context, SNV Vietnam took the initiative to have a quick market scan. This market scan was based upon the review of available documents, discussions with clients, partners and competitors at national and provincial level (Vietnamese Government at national and provincial levels, mass organizations, INGOs, multi-lateral and bilateral donors, private sector).

    MCG was contracted by SNV Vietnam to conduct: i) Assessment of SNV programme activities as potential products; ii) Assessment of clients, partners and competitors of SNV Vietnam regarding SNVs strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats; iii) Assessment of the Vietnamese policy priorities in the field of development cooperation and the need for SNV products, and iv) Assessment of the donor/funding area.